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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  August 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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price going through the roof? up more than 400%. we will take a look at alternatives to the epipen. i am keith cate expect i am jen leigh. let's begin with a look at the tropics. we are trapping a tropical -- tracking a tropical disturbance. steve jerve joins us now. hurricane hunters flew into this system today. what is the latest? >> it is more organized than it was it appears as though the system could get it together but it may take a few days to be upgraded into a depression or a tropical storm. for now, the northwesterly movement is interesting to us. as we look at the broad range of the tropics, we have a tropical storm. invest 98 al has a 90% chance of developing. the hurricane hunter aircraft's have been in there today and have determined some stronger wind gusts and we saw yesterday. we saw 37 miles per hour
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it is a very large geographical area of thunderstorms. it is just trying to get organized into an area of low pressure. there may be some difficulty for the short-term and long- term, many of the computer models suggest we could see something much stronger. you can see it is not a very organized system yet but looking at the completion of the computer models over the long-term, it now s this advisory comes in at 2 pm. that long-term movement is what is interesting to us. we have seen the models diverge quite a bit here in a 12 hour period. we have to remind you that when you look at computer models, they change quite frequently. it is still a long way away relatively but because it is moving in that direction, it will have to launch -- watch the state of florida very
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donald trump was in the tampa bay area today. he rallied his supporters at the fairgrounds this afternoon telling the crowd that he will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. hillary clinton wants to raise taxes and send jobs overseas. trump also repeated his appeal to african-american voters and hispanics.>> to the african american voters, you are great people. to the hispanic voters who have been , i say what do you have to lose ? i will fix it. >> comments like that have riled up some trump critics over the past few days. candace mccowan got a chance to ask trump about that during an exclusive one-on-one interview. it is always rare when you get
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he is doubling down on his appeal to minorities. >> reporter: he is not just talking about blocks but also hispanics. he is a much different guy when we see him on stage. one-on-one he was a little bit softer in his tone explaining things and what he has to say. he said in his appeal that hispanic voters have been treated horribly. he has also said that about blacks and hispanics. they should fear walking down the street and being shot. i asked trump about this comments group of black republicans who said those comments are condescending.>> some of your comments have come off condescending. what would you say to that? >> i don't think so. i think we are getting tremendous support because i talk about how bad education is for the african americans. you look at 40% in poverty. you look at the inner cities. they are a total mess. you can look at anything such as homeownership. i say to the african american
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i think it is really catching on because i see i am going up sharply with african-american voters. >> that is not all we chatted about. we chatted about his softening immigration policy. his campaign has said he was often. i asked him about that and we will tell you what he had to say tonight.>> he always draws a huge crowd. some of the things he says kind of resonate for weeks on end. he has was new thing about wanting a special prosecutor look into hillary clinton. did you ask him about that? >> he said that has new light because there is a new article talking about it. people who had given to the clinton foundation were given an opportunity to meet with clinton. those people were not just looking to ask clinton how her day was. >> it is back and forth. we look forward to seeing what you have coming up tonight. hillary clinton was in california attending fundraising galas. she is taking some heat from
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foundation have special access while clinton was secretary of state. clinton's campaign believes these reports are cherry picking her scheduled to create this outrageous narrative. national polls are showing clinton leading trump. a father and son face charges after a deputy involved shooting in st. petersburg. nellis deputies tend desk into a home with numerous arrest warrants. they set up a perimeter and try to coax him out. crawling out a back door and asked him to show his hands. >> he took a 9 mm handgun that he had in his waistband and raised the handgun toward the detective. the detective fired. he did not strike williams. at that point, williams fell to the ground on top of the gun. >> williams was taken into custody. he was not hurt. his father was arrested on a charge of harboring a fugitive. after searching the home, deputies found a marijuana grow operation inside.
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>> governor rick scott was back in the bay area again today talking about zika. yesterday scott revealed there is a non-travel related case of zika in pinellas county. the governor is not telling us where exactly and some are calling that a mistake. jeff patterson joins us now live. i am wondering, any more information about this case? >> reporter: we have asked and asked and still have not been given a direct answer. that case could be anywhere . obviously it is a very large county. today, congressman david jolly told us that the public deserves more information. >> i put that of the second i heard. truck rick falkenstein is one of the owners of hurricane restaurant in st. pete beach. popular with locals and tourists , he wanted everyone to have information about the zika virus. he downloaded info from the cdc
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>> more information is better. chuck getting specific information from the state on the latest non-travel related case of zika in pinellas county is not easy. our morning anchor gene ramirez tried to get specifics from the governor today. >> pinellas county is a large county. when we find out specifically where? the governor would not give out a specific location. >> david jolly thinks he should enough to announce one case in pinellas and not provide additional information. >> reporter: the public deserves the specific information. >> we don't need to identify the individual but i believe we should identify the region so that pinellas county residents can make decisions for themselves. they can take precautions they feel is right for their family.>> reporter: the state is giving out enough. >> when we believe there is local transmission, we will put that out there.
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there is local transmission, that means if they can prove that mosquitoes here in pinellas county have the zika virus and are passing it on to humans, then they will tell us the location of that similar to what they did in the miami beach area. >> what are they doing to find that out? >> reporter: they tell us that they have ramped up their testing efforts to find mosquitoes. they are doing more spraying but they are not telling us patterson, live in pinellas county for us tonight. we have breaking news now. a tornado has flattened a starbucks coffee shop in kokomo, indiana. this is the video of the aftermath. the entire structure collapsed like a house of cards. so far, no reports of injuries. we are learning more about an attack on the american university of afghanistan in kabul. explosions and gunfire reported on the campus at least one
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dozen wounded. the university president says security forces arrived on the scene soon after the attack. they are still searching for the attackers. the death toll is rising after a magnitude 6 quake struck central italy. 120 people are confirmed dead. three towns in central italy were reduced to rubble. sniffer dogs, search crews and heavy equipment are pouring into the affected area. even crew. there is some good news because searchers have managed to pull many survivors from the rubble. the bay area is mourning the passing of a pillar of the community and the catholic church.>> we are remembering lawrence higgins. a shocking price increase for life-saving medicine. 8 on your side has alternatives for families worried about whether they can afford and epipen. more complaints about kids having to catch the bus on a dangerous roadway. neighbors call this a racetrack.
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we will have that and more coming up work you are watching news channel 8, the station
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higgins has passed away. he founded st. lawrence catholic parish and remained there as pastor for 50 years. he was on numerous boards and was a very influential member of the community. gayle sierens was very close for most of her life. >> reporter: he had a commitment to all people. he loved the poor and unfortunate. those were the people that he
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to take place next wednesday at 1130. viewing will take place on monday at the church from noon until 9 pm. coming up, we have more on his life and legacy. >> that was a good man. people are concerned about the sudden skyrocketing price of epipen's work many children need life-saving injector after serious allergic episodes. are worried they can't afford them anymore. john rogers is live in sarasota tonight to tell us more about the options out there that possibly could help out in this situation. >> reporter: i spoke with a clinical pharmacist who is generally concerned about these rising prices. she emphasizes that patients should ask a lot of questions the next time to go to the pharmacy to look depends. since the day she was born, 16- year-old sophia anderson has
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she credits this with keeping her alive. >> my throat will close. if i am not treated by and epipen, i will die.>> reporter: epi-pens provide life-saving medicine to those suffering from allergic reactions. the manufacturer is now under fire for raising the price. in 2007, a two dose pack of epipen's cost a little under $100. now, they cost more than $600. sophia's father thousands of dollars a year on epi-pens and he is frustrated. >> i understand they are there to make money for their shareholders. there has to be a balance between company profits and life-saving medicine. >> it is extreme and concerning. >> reporter: patients should do some research. >> while epipen is the most well-known, there are other options available. >> reporter: there are affordable generic brands like this usp autoinjector. patients can also ask their pharmacist about co-pay assistance or other programs
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the high medicine costs. sophia relies on epi-pens for survival and she hopes the drugmaker changes its toon. >> i am very concerned. when i am older, i don't know how high the prices will be. i hope i can afford it when i am old enough.>> reporter: the medical experts are hopeful that thanks to all of this media coverage that the drug company could change its mind and make changes in the future.>> i have been watching this play out several days. they are trying to explain this but it is hard to explain. what is the drugmaker saying? why the price increase?>> reporter: in a statement, the drugmaker planes the high cost of insurance. many people nowadays have insurance plans with high deductibles. that is why this is happening. many news outlets say that epipen's main competitor was recalled. epipen has a monopoly in the market. there are a lot of reasons are
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john rogers, live in sarasota county. >> the stock has taken a hit because of all this. the ceo is making $19 million a year. >> that is hard to justify the prices when you see that. back to this whole storm situation. we have been watching so many of them. >> there are some thunderstorms around puerto rico. take a look at this. this is a live look at kokomo, indiana. this after the tornado went through. there were reports -- this is life. you are watching this right off the photographer's shoulder. we are getting some of the images coming in from that damage caused by the tornado that pastor there. we are watching on radar and we saw several tornado warnings pop up dirk they were isolated but they did. it is obvious from looking at the data that this was a tornado on the ground. this is some of the destruction coming from that. lakewood ranch, 86 degrees with
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at this location at the plantation river, mostly sunny skies. 93 degrees. it is hot. we have seen a few showers passed through earlier today but things are relatively quiet right now. 84 degrees at connor 10. 84 degrees has been a common temperature. 85 in new port richey with a northeast wind. the rays game tonight. red sox tonight. 84 degrees. there could be a remaining shower but not too many. a lot of activity has fallen. we have a few showers from north port but it is quiet across the bay area. we've a few showers around fort meade. at 9 pm, 82 degrees. 77 our forecast low. we are back in this flow where the overnight temperatures are closer to the average. 88 degrees at temple terrace. for 80s in palm harbor.
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number at the moment. 90 and seminal and 77 in lake placid. spotty areas where showers have passed. the easterly flow is very much in place. high pressure is a feature. showers continue to develop in that easterly flow. there is 90 9l -- 99 -- 90 9l. it is a broad area of low pressure trying to get organized . we are dealing with dry air on the western side as well this is dry air on water vapor imagery. dry air is not good for tropical systems but it is a large geographical system and computer models to suggest some strengthening in the long-term. it is the truck that we are interested in long-term if it does strengthen and likely would if it could emerge and survive and get over to the bahamas where the sea surface temperature is very warm. that is good fuel for tropical
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model has offered an opinion. they are run every 12 hours. . stay tuned on the storm and have a lot of patience. look at your hurricane plan. it is always a good idea. there is guest on. it is still a tropical storm. it could strengthen into a hurricane. it is forecast to become a category 2. most of the shower activities days south. otherwise, most folks will probably not see shower activity. overnight, partly cloudy skies and warm temperatures. it is warm this type of year. bring coverage about 40%. similar to what we have for today. some of that is coming in earlier and now it is much quieter. friday morning, more clouds around mixed with some sunshine and the same sort of routine with the north easterly flow. we are seeing less about
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40% rain chance. that is our number for the next couple of days. 50% chance. it will depend on a lot of factors. it is not even a tropical depression at this point. it is somewhat disorganized. we will keep an eye on any potential impacts later this weekend and the early part of next week. for now, look at your hurricane plan and be prepared. a judge has a snarky starbucks of under filling their iced drinks. these playsets could be dangerous for your children. by the company is recalling
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. letterman:"has a line of clothing, now where were these made?" trump: "these were made, i don't know where they're made. but they were made someplace. but they're great. it's ties, shirts, cufflinks, everything sold at macy's and they're doing great.? letterman: ?where are the shirts made?? off-camera voice: ?bangladesh.? letterman: ?bangladesh.? it's good. we employ people in bangladesh." letterman: ?ties? where are the ties made?" they have to work, too. these are beautiful ties. they are great ties. the ties are made in where? china? off-camera voice: ?china.? letterman: ?the ties are made in china."
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building playsets for babies are being recalled because kids can choke on the pieces. the recall involved three alex junior brand sets of infant building toys. the baby builder, first pops and first steps. they have been 22 reports of the ends of small parts coming loose posing a choking hazard. ford is recalling more than 88,000 vehicles because the engines can stall due to a fuel pump prob wagons, ford taurus and police interceptor sedans as well as some lincoln sedans and suvs. model years 2013 two 2015 are effected. a judge has dismissed a lawsuit against starbucks had accused the coffee chain of under filling its iced drinks. the judge wrote if children have figured out that including
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they will receive the court has no difficulty concluding that a reasonable consumer would not be deceived into thinking that when they order and iced tea that they would get a drink that will receive both ice and t . it was so much better when the judges said it [ laughter ]>> bottom line, if you're going to order iced tea, you may not get as much t. >> can't you just say no ice? there are a lot of ways to get around it. >> i used to do that at the movie theater. you can get as much soda as possible.>> it was lukewarm soda. cyber bullying is a growing problem in bay area schools. we will show you the tools one school district is using to fight back. some bad bus stops. students walking along a busy road in the dark. 8 on your side asks what is
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right now on news channel 8 at 5:30 mourning the loss of tampa's most high-profile clergyman. for decades he committed his faith and his community lasting impression of lawrence higgins. good evening. im josh benson i am jen leigh. lawrence higgins founded st. lawrence catholic church in tampa and remained pastor there are 49 years. sadly, he passed away at his parish rectory home. he was 87 years old. >> reporter: not just members of this parish but those who


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